Our Story

Our Story


We desire for our shop to literally be a house of joy! A place where anybody can enter and feel refreshed. Where an intentional community is found and built. Where moments of peace are enjoyed while the kids play (ahem, parents)! Where you can come to gather around a table and some good coffee to rejoice, weep, connect, and laugh! We know life is meant to be lived out together, so we hope our shop cultivates a little more space and time for togetherness.


“Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. Honor and majesty surround Him; strength and joy fill His dwelling.”
1 Chronicles 16:24 NASB & 1 Chronicles 16:27 NLT


Our mission is to cultivate community and be missional in nature- reaching people near and far. Locally, our vision is for this to be a space where moms will come to relax with their children, businessmen, or women will hold meetings or students will study. A place that is life-giving, a breath of fresh air, relaxing, refreshing, and intentional. Globally our vision is to support missionaries and projects. All of the profit will be given to Legacy Makers and through that, we will be partnering with missionaries to see people impacted by the good news of Jesus.


The beans we use were hand-selected by Joyhouse Coffee staff and expertly roasted by Mighty Missouri Coffee Company, based in Bismarck, ND. We offer a bright, fruity, and delicious espresso blend (Ethiopia, Guatemala) known as BEAM. We also have a decaf Colombia espresso. Beans are available for purchase in 12oz bags or even 5lb bags.

We have different single-origin selections for our drip and pour-overs. Selections will be based on bean availability. Our drinks are made with the highest quality ingredients, 3rd wave coffee standards, and the true notes of coffee will come through our beans. We also have a fantastic tea selection for all our tea lovers from Rishi Tea based out of Milwaukee, WI.